Building community, empowering students.

Unibui is a map-based engagement platform designed to attract students to local businesses. AI-powered capabilities across hiring, retail, and Web3.



Partnering with industry leaders

Local Geo-Fenced Layers

Our mission is to offer students financial freedom — all the while, incentivizing them to walk the streets of their cities.

Job Opportunities

For the first time, students have an easy way to see the jobs around them.

In the local job market, the most important demographic for conveniently-anchored businesses is active college students.

Deals & Offers

Students don't have to look far to discover what their community has to offer. View nearby deals, offers, events, and attractions.


Students are busy, and require strategic guidance for discovery. So we created Map API's.


A lead generation model that allows businesses to advertise and only pay for conversions.


State-of-the-art models email verification and geo-fenced layers within the app.

We are trusted by all we work with

"Maximizing economic value & vibrancy"
- Payom Niazmandi


App Store rating

Imagine Pokemon Go for local rewards and jobs, giving students the opportunity to physically explore and discover their communities. Our mobile app is a student essential.


million students

Chosen by the California Community Colleges as the approved student benefits and data platform. This is the largest higher-ed system in America, consisting of 2.2 million students.


Place AWS EdStart

Unibui was awarded 1st place in the AWS EdStart Accelerator, building the next generation of online learning, analytics, and campus management solutions in the cloud.


Average Savings

Currently, 85% of students in the US are on financial aid, so every dollar counts. Users on Unibui save an average of $4,000 a year, including tuition reimbursement.

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Introducing Unibui+ in fall 2023

Earn coins with in-app currency